Regenerating territories in the face of climate change

Foundation Aland promotes land regeneration in the Iberian Peninsula.

We support initiatives in degraded landscapes with a high restoration potential, initiative that aim to regenerate the landscape making the land more resilient to climate change, while promoting biodiversity as well as environmental, social and economic opportunities.

In 2015, the Association AlVelAl started rolling out a large-scale restoration program in the Altiplano Estepario in Southeast Spain. In 2021 Aland joined AlVelAl in its efforts, and builds onto that by offering the experience and lessons learned so far to other land regeneration initiatives in Spain and Portugal.


It’s our 20-year vision to restore degraded landscapes in Portugal and Spain, by connecting economy and ecology, and making the land more resilient to climate change. Thereby building a lively and professional rural world that is seen and valued by society, that serves as inspiration to others.

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Foundation for
Landscape Restoration

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